THIS IS FADED iPhone case

You’ve all asked – we’ve delivered. Introducing our new iPhone Case with smart protection! What’s smart protection you ask? Well, we’ve heard you out – a good case requires a bumper to protect your screen from those drops that happen from time to time. Our new Marble iPhone Case is equipped with a raised edge (about 1 millimetre) over the glass/screen area of your beloved iPhone. No more heart-stopping drops that force you to hold your breath upon picking up your phone to assess the damage. We’ve all been there!

Introducing THISISFADED's SummerOn MacBook Skin

Are you a fashion savvy trendsetter? Is your laptop as unique as you are? Yes, the MacBook is a beautiful thing, but why not make it your own. Decals or more commonly known as ‘skins’ are a great way to express your personal style with ease, while at the same time protecting your beloved MacBook.


Wanna freshen up your MacBook in this summer? Simply clip this shiny neon colour skin on it! It’s made of high-quality PVC with trendy ombre colour that is perfect for the season. Carry this texture skin could definitely stand yourself from the crowd! It’s delightfully minimal in aesthetics yet maximum in style.


forget about winning the lottery. we decided to be the lottery. from March 14th throughMarch 31th, between 9am gmt to 6pm gmt, we’re giving away nearly 200 in prizes from over 100 of our favorite brands, artists, and friends… and of course, thisisfaded!


Behind every wedding, party and event, lies unique individuals with special stories. This is Faded offers customized design services for your wedding stationery/accessories , events and parties and engages the stories of each of its clients to craft custom invitations and paper goods that incorporate the tales of two into one art form.


Hello you darlings, As the new year approaches, we also would love to bring you guys more beautiful and practical accessories and items that you would want to use, display, write on, share your love through and buy for others. And, we want your suggestions!


We are looking for a design intern to work with us to create and design new products for our custom accessories ! The role will be a part-time position, and you will be required to assist in designing and creating accessories, depending on the needs of the business. You will get to learn about the design process behind creating products that will be enjoyed by many, and be part of the process of touching lives and connecting people through design and stationery.